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KPN allows you to focus on the tasks at hand: managing and growing their operations.

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Our highly motivated team of experts work year-round to help you, your business, or nonprofit achieve their financial goals. KPN provides a tailor-made proactive financial planning. We turn your data into insight, so you can work smarter and make better decisions.

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KPN keeps accounts for all types of companies and we have services at several levels.

We protect your business

Running a business is a challenge that involves putting your own finances at risk. KPN helps you to make manage the risk, reduce uncertainty and protect your livelihood.

Get your life back

Forget about spending your evenings desperately trying to keep your records up to date. Instead, leave it to us – you will get your life back, and you will always have access to an up-to-date financial snapshot of your business.
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Financial Services

We take our time to critically learn about the financial health of your business. Whatever aspect of money matters most to you, we will help you figure out the best way to become financially stable and stay on track.
The processes involved with tax filing can be daunting if you don’t set out on the right footing. Our proactive planning ensures that you are ready way before tax season arrives. With our vast experience working with the IRS, we ensure that you get your money’s worth in tax returns and all other tax-related issues.
Imagine waking up from a business dream into a ready-to-conquer established business with a brand name. When you leave your business registration to us, you won’t have to create excuses for not getting your business started.
Acquiring additional funding can be highly beneficial for your business. However, timing is of prime essence. At KPN, we offer the right knowledge and advice in order to ensure that you make only well informed loan decisions.
With our modern accounting and bookkeeping services, we help you to monitor your financial progress and correct mistakes before they become major loopholes.
Moving fast can save you a great deal of money. Stay ahead of the game with a detailed QuickBooks training program by our expert instructors who are always on call to guide you in automating some of your work.

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