Who We Are

We focus on “you” the customer and allow you the opportunity to grow your business and focus on achieving your dreams.

KPN serves today's entrepreneurs

At KPN, we employ five (5) key core values which enable us to uniquely fuel your business strategy:
  • Commitment – Your dream is yours, but the work is ours. With unparalleled professionalism, we remain fully committed to winning with you every step of the way.
  • Synergy – We believe that working as a team makes the dream work. That’s why collectively, we draw from our individual strengths to help you reach beyond the skies.
  • Innovation – We love tough challenges, and we also enjoy giving solutions that stand the test of time. We make you wonder why you didn’t find us sooner.
  • Customer Focus – We are obsessed over your needs. Everyday, we focus on how to make our customers happy and satisfied. We put ourselves in your shoes and imagine just how important success means to you.
  • Continuous Learning We believe change is always constant and there is always room for improvement. That’s why we are always sourcing relevant industry data in a bid to enrich your experience with us.

This is how we do it. Our core strategy

At the core of our strategy, is to be your reliable partner helping to fully realize your vision as a business owner, no matter the current stage of your business. We offer you innovative ideas that fuel and sustain your business growth, and also enable you to maximize revenue and control costs. 

Are you about to start a business or struggling with the harsh realities of keeping your head above the water? Whatever stage your business is in, we are here to create that success story because winning is all we do. Ready to see what a great strategy looks like? We are ready if you are.

We are Authentic

We stand by doing what is right for our clients, employees and our business. We act with integrity at all times.

We are Colloborative

We are stronger together. We share knowledge, find solutions and strengthen each other to achieve better results.

We are Dynamic

We adapt quickly to you and find smart ways to achieve the best results together. We will still be one step ahead.

Our People

Great consulting comes from great people. However you want to win, you will find an ever ready team to chart the course with. We are happy to introduce the front-runners of the KPN’s winning team.

patty acheampongPatty Acheampong is the CEO of KPN Consulting. With an underlying purpose of achieving high organizational performance and client satisfaction, she leads the company to fulfill its mission of helping entrepreneurs build strong, successful businesses. Patty is a solutions-driven professional whose unrivaled expertise is backed by over 15 years of top-notch human resource management experience.

She specializes in driving dynamic business transformations involving strategy, growth, team development, process improvement, and organizational effectiveness. She is a change manager with a proven track record of finding modern-day solutions to the complexities of starting, growing, and managing a business.

Patty is a firm believer that innovation is the differentiating factor, having worked with hundreds of clients across various sectors such as technology, financial services, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, transport, advertising and education. She holds an MBA in Human Resources Management from Liberty University.

 Patty is a member of the Young Professional Network, Human Resource Professionals, Payroll & HR Software Implementation, Global Payroll Association and Big Data Analytics.

Kwasi Appiahene is the COO of KPN Consulting. He is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and fueling KPN’s innovative strategies. He does this by driving the team and employing resources needed for businesses to succeed. Kwasi is instrumental in operationalizing tried and tested solutions that adequately address clients’ needs. For the past ten years, he has been spearheading the growth and sustainability agenda for several small business owners with remarkable success. With a passion for seeing businesses flourish, Kwasi’s goal is to empower small businesses through a meticulous analysis of their challenges, strengths, and opportunities available at their disposal. Backed by data-driven research and industry metrics, he sets, executes, and evaluates comprehensive performance and growth goals. Kwasi exhibits a lot of prowess when it comes to optimizing a vast network of quality teams and other resources. This makes him your go-to-person for increased performance, efficiency, and profits. He holds an MBA in Finance from the Atlantic International University in London, United Kingdom.

Nana Appiah is the Chief Financial Officer of KPN Consulting. He is responsible for making financial planning decisions that maximize KPN’S financial strengths. These decisions include but are not limited to risk management, tax planning, cash flow and budgeting as well as investment management. Nana has remarkable expertise in developing advanced financial risk and control models geared towards increasing productivity, profitability and safeguarding assets. 

For the past 20 years, he has distinguished himself as a renowned professional, having brokered multi-billion credit deals with top private equity firms, real estate trusts, special purpose vehicles, and multinational retail companies. He brings to the table, unparalleled industry knowledge and experience which has led him to serve on a significant number of non-profit advisory boards. Having established a variety of solution-driven financial framework guides, you can be confident that he will equip you to overcome the financial, operational and marketing bottlenecks that often plague you as a small business. 

He holds an MBA in Finance, a BSC in Management Information Systems and a BA in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Social Impact

At KPN, we believe that social impact is pivotal to the real success of any business. Beyond profits, we offer transformative solutions that solve the pressing needs of the communities we live in. 

Pro Bono Consulting 

While creating value for small businesses is our priority, we also believe in the enormous potential of grooming the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs. That’s why we are deeply committed to investing 10% annually in pro bono consulting. To empower and equip the young generation with the right skills, we continuously engage them through a series of workshops and seminars. 

As a Charlotte-based consulting firm, we have so far engaged over 400 students in 10 high schools in the Charlotte Metro area. By employing our rich pool of talent, expertise, and insight, we have made significant strides in setting the right tone as an ultimate thought leader in entrepreneurship.

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